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Family Leadership

Families inform the direction and the culture of Santa Cruz High. By serving on Site Council or Bond Site Council, you can help ensure our school reflects the priorities and needs of its community.

Site Bond Committee

Facilities Bonds are the only way Santa Cruz High can secure funds to build, repair, modernize and revitalize our campus. Since these Bonds are investments from our community, we ensure our families and community has a voice in how they are used. If you are interested in serving on the Site Bond Committee, to provide input in our ongoing Facilities work, contact the front office!

Site Council

The School Site Council (SSC) comprises five elected parent/student representatives and five elected administrator/teacher/classified staff representatives.  SSC is responsible for developing and overseeing the content of SCHS's Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA or School Plan). The SSC updates the School Plan annually, and reviews it periodically, including budgeting the funds allocated to the school through the consolidated application (ConApp) and the local control and accountability plan (LCAP).

SSC member elections occur at the beginning of each school year with each group (students, parents, certified faculty, and classified staff) electing its own representatives.  The number of open seats fluctuates from year to year depending on term expirations.

Meeting times and location are posted on the school calendar and open to the public.  SCHS community members are encouraged to attend.  There is typically a block of 10-15 minutes allocated for public comment.  Potential agenda items within SSC's jurisdiction requiring more lengthy discussion should be proposed eight days or more before the meeting.

For more detailed information regarding SCHS's SSC, please see the School Site Council Bylaws.

2023-2024 Single Plan for Student Achievement

2022-2023 Plan Escolar Estudiantil

2022-2023 SSC Members

Parent Members:

Victoria Sanchez-Toledo

Jill Denner

Kirsten Pohlman

Student Members:
Sam Attard
Francesca Timar

Faculty & Staff Members:

Cathy McDougall (School Site Council Chair)

Peter Boscacci


Jose Gomez

Michelle Poirier 


Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm 
SCHS Room 67 and Zoom

Meeting Dates: 

01/19/23: AgendaMinutes

02/15/23: AgendaMinutes

03/15/23: AgendaMinutes

04/19/23: Agenda & Minutes
05/17/23: Agenda & Minutes

09/15/23: Agenda & Minutes

10/18/23: Agenda Minutes

11/15/23:  Agenda & Minutes

02/21/24: Agenda & Minutes

03/20/24: Agenda & Minutes

04/17/24: Agenda & Minutes

05/15/24: Agenda & Minutes

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