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Welcome to Cardinal Athletics!

Santa Cruz High is a member of the Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League, participating in numerous sports each fall, winter and spring. The Cardinal Teams continue to excel both on and off the "field," earning many impressive league and section finishes, as well as numerous academic honors.


The goal of Santa Cruz High Athletics is to enrich the mental, physical & emotional well being of students by providing competitive opportunities that emphasize the values of sportsmanship, effort, teamwork & commitment.

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Fall Sports
Winter Sports
Spring Sports

Want to play? To complete Athletic Registration, follow these steps:

  1. Register through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal during the online registration process in July if your student will be participating in a Fall, Winter and/or Spring sport. If you have issues, please contact the Athletic Director, Erik Redding at 429-3960 Ext. 50308 or

  2. Download and fill out the Pre-Physical Information Sheet (English Form or Spanish Form).

  3. Schedule a Physical, and have your physician complete the form. 

  4. Email or bring paperwork to Erik Redding at


Trophy Case

We've been proud to see continued commitment & community in our teams lead to success year after year. Obviously the rewards of athletics go far beyond any title, but it helps to build pride and build community to see our teams have so much success for so long.

  • Softball: 2011/12 SCCAL Co-Champions

  • Football: The 2007/2008 Football Team capped a tremendous season by winning the CCS Small School Division Title; 2017/2018 MTAL League Champs.2019/2020  CCS  Small Schools Division Title. 2020-2021 PCAL League Champs

  • Girls' Soccer: The 2007/2008 Girls' Soccer Team earned their second consecutive SCCAL league title with an undefeated regular season. The team was seeded 1st at CCS, ending the season as semi-finalists. The girls were also the Tri Valley Classic Champions (prestigious college showcase); 2009/2010 CCS Finals; 2009/2010 CCS Champs; 2012/2013 SCCAL Champs. 2019/2020 CCS  Division 

  • Girls' Tennis: The 2008/2009 Girls' Tennis Team earned a triple crown, winning the league team, singles and doubles championships. This was the third consecutive year the Cardinals won the team title and the fourth consecutive year they captured the singles title; 2008/2009 SCCAL Champs.

  • Boys' Tennis: 2009/2010 SCCAL Co-Champs; 2012/2013 SCCAL Champs; 2014 /2015 Undefeated League Champs. 

  • Baseball: The 2007/2008 Boys' Baseball Team finished their season with another SCCAL Championship, making it to the finals of the CCS DIII Championships; 2010/2011 CCS Finals; 2014/2015 SCCAL Champs.

  • Girls' Water Polo: The 2007/2008 Girls' Water Polo Team earned their third league championship in a row and their fourth consecutive CCS Academic Title. Four players were named all-CCS student-athletes, with all starters earning all-league honors; 2009/2010 SCCAL Co-Champ; 2010/2011 SCCAL Co-Champs.2021/2022 CCS-D11 Champs. 

  • Boys' Water Polo: 2015/2016 MBL Champs; 2019/2020 SCCAL League Champs; 2020/2021 SCCAL League Champs.

  • Girls' Basketball: The 2007/2008 Girls' Basketball Team made it to the Finals of the CCS Division IV Playoffs and qualified for the Norcal Tournament for the second year in a row; 2008/2009 SCCAL Co-Champions; 2009/2010 SCCAL Champs; 2009/2010 SCCS Champs; 2011/2012 SCCAL Champs.2020 /2021 SCCAL League Champs and 2021 CCS Champions.

  • Boys Basketball: 2009/2010 SCCAL Co-Champs; 2010/2011 SCCAL Champs; 2010/2011 CCS Finals; 2011/2012 SCCAL Champs; 2014/2015 SCCAL Champs; 2015 CCS Champs; 2015/2016 SCCAL Champs Undefeated; 2017/2018 SCCAL Champs. 2020/2021 SCCAL League Champs; 2021 CCS Runner up.

  • Wrestling: The 2008/2009 SCCAL Champs; 2018/2019 League Champs; 2019/2020 League Champs

  • Boys Soccer: 2008/2009 SCCAL Champs; 2009/2010 SCCS Champs; 2010/2011 SCCAL Champs; 2010/2011 SCCS Champs; 2011/2012 SCCAL Champs; 2014/2015 SCCAL Champs.

  • Girls' Swimming: 2008/2009 SCCAL Champs

  • Boys' Swimming: 2011/2012 SCCAL Champs, 2012/2013 SCCAL Champs

  • Boys Track: 2009/2010 SCCAL Champs; 2010/2011 SCCAL Champs; 2012/2013 SCCAL Champs; 2014 CCS Champs.

  • Girls Track: 2009/2010 SCCAL Champs; 2013/2014 SCCAL Champs; 2014 /2015 SCCAL Champs; 2016/2017 SCCAL Champs.

  • Girls Golf: 2012/2013 SCCAL Champions, 2009/2010 SCCAL Co-Champs; 2011/2012 SCCAL Champs; 2012/2013 SCCAL Champs; 2013/2014 SCCAL Champs.

  • Cross Country: Girls 2009/2010 CCS Finals;Girls 2014/15 CCS 4th Place; Girls 2015/2016 CCS Champs;  Girls 2016/2017 CCS Champs; Girls 2017/2018 CCS Champs. 

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