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Locker Use Agreement

This document explains the school locker policy for Santa Cruz City Schools (SCCS), which applies to all SCCS students. SCCS:

  1. Provides lockers for students during the school year. You may keep only your personal belongings in the locker.

  2. Each locker has a durable combination lock. The combination to the locker will be on file in the office.

  3. Students are responsible for all contents of the locker as well as the condition of the locker itself (inside and out). Lockers must be kept free of graffiti or other damage. No permanent marking is allowed in the locker.

  4. Students use the lockers at their own risk. Neither the district nor school is responsible for any loss of property kept in the locker.

  5. You cannot keep anything illegal in your school locker, such as:

    • Drugs

    • Alcohol

    • Stolen property

    • Anything that could be used as a weapon

    • Anything deemed by the school or police to be a danger

    • Anything else illegal to possess

  6. Students should not have an expectation of privacy for their locker. Lockers are the property of SCCS. SCCS reserves the right to open, search, and inspect your school locker without notice to you.

  7. If a SCCS employee searches your locker and finds anything listed in Section 5, above, in your locker, a SCCS employee may confiscate those items, secure them, and use them as evidence against you for a school discipline. A SCCS employee may turn those items over to law enforcement for possible criminal investigation and charges.

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